Our Theory of Weight Gain

At The Bluecoat Group, we believe weight gain is caused by hormonally mediated factors. It’s not as simple as “eat less, move more.” In other words, overweight is not a character failing!

Processed foods are known to be the major cause of hormonal changes that lead to fat storage.

OK, I believe you…now give me a pill for it. Or an injection.

Nah. You have to change the hormonal system. This means eating a satisfying, nutritious diet – not “going on a diet.” It’s a challenge – but we can help you. Call today, and start to lose a dress size – or two.

What do we ask of you?

Research findings pretty much agree that it takes three months to change bad habits for good ones.

In the first month of our journey, we focus on uncovering your nutritional priority and breaking down the barriers that have kept you from success.

In month 2, we move on to your secondary concerns, and add physical activity. This is important for toning your emerging slimmer, body. You will want to exchange your large size clothes for transitional clothes (from our clothes exchange), and consult one of our personal stylists to enhance the changes you’re making.

In month 3, we go into depth on behavioral modification, to make all these healthy changes permanent and self-sustaining.

You may opt to continue to receive support, or just drop in when you feel the need. We’re here for your success.

  • We accommodate your schedule and resources.
  • One-on-one meetings can be arranged for unsocial hours, if necessary.
  • Support is also available via phone and online.
  • Clients are welcome to drop in at our offices for free beverages, wellness magazines, exercise, and wellness videos. Personal and group training is available by arrangement.
  • A sliding scale of fees is possible.

About our principal:

Patricia Read-Hunter, EdM, PhD, is intimately familiar with weight management challenges and strategies. Let her help you to repeat her success.

Note: We do not offer medical advice or sell supplements and cosmetics. Our sole concern is your well-being, and we work with your healthcare provider in all cases.

What do we offer you?

At our comfortable, discreet offices at 313 Park Avenue SE, opposite the Train Station, you will find a sympathetic ear, advice based on research, exercise machines and gear, a clothes exchange, group support sessions, and – if you like – cooking classes.

Our approach is based on facilitation and support:

  • individualization
  • realism
  • safety

There are no injections, drugs, required meal plans, point systems, or forbidden foods. We work with you in your own setting to uncover a workable solution that gives you the body you want – for once for all.

No more yo-yo dieting,
no more wardrobe in three sizes!

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