Why is spring the best time to lose weight?

Blog / Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Winter has piled on extra pounds. We weren’t as active, we wanted starchy comfort food all the time, and the disguising clothes let us fool ourselves. Spring means longer days, warmer weather – time to get moving, time to eat seasonal, fresh green stuff. Then too, summer looms: Think about those revealing clothes and swimwear. Are we fit to be seen by our public?

Time to get back in shape – but this time, permanently. No more yo-yoing.
Depending on how late we’ve left it, a 2-2-2 program might do the trick. Two days of water fast, two weeks of twice-a-day meal replacements, two months using one meal replacement a day. Combined with 30 minutes of exercise at least three times a week, should put us in ready mode.

The 2-2-2 Plan

An unsupervised two-day water fast is generally regarded as safe, but anyone with underlying medical conditions should consult his or her healthcare provider before starting. It’s also best to do the fast on a weekend, when we aren’t working, operating machinery, or driving. Coffee, tea, tap or mineral water, and sparkling non-caloric waters are the core of the fast. No coconut water, sports drinks, or soda. We all know to avoid diet soda if possible – the sweet taste, particularly on a fast, makes us hungry.

What’s a meal replacement? Home-made smoothies, soups, and energy bars made from whole foods. Think oats, nuts, hemp seed, greens like kale and arugula, with nut milks and yogurt. Whey protein to ramp up the protein intake (look for .5 gram per pound of body weight when you’re dieting and exercising.) Commercial products too often are candy bars in disguise or over sweetened drinks with metallic aftertastes. Those sugar alcohols cause flatulence, too. A meal replacement should have 250-300 calories, no more.

There it is – your path to a trim, active summer. Send me your before and after pix! All the best, Patricia