The Best Strategies for Avoiding Junk Food, Ranked

Blog / Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Junk food can not only trigger binges, it can throw your metabolism out of fat-burning mode for hours! Avoid that first bite, with one of these proven strategies.

  1. Don’t get ravenously hungry. Eat a 200 calorie snack with some protein when the pangs strike. Pre-portioned hummus and baby carrots is my go-to. Avoid anything that takes preparation – it only lengthens your exposure to temptation and keeps you in the kitchen (the danger zone).
  2. Take a 10 minute walk or a power nap. Don’t go to bed for two hours!
  3. Have something to drink, but not calorific beverages – commercial coffee drinks, soda, juice. Your body doesn’t recognize these 200-500 calorie indulgences as “food.” I treat myself to flavored black coffees or chai, unsweetened, of course.
  4. Attack the cause of any stress that’s driving you to comfort food. Take some small step to solving the underlying problem: You’ll feel better.
  5. If you must snack, don’t say to yourself, “I’ll have 90 calories of [my trigger food].” Snack on something with nutritional value that doesn’t stimulate you to want more. If you can eat just 90 calories of ice cream, you’re stronger than I am, and you probably don’t need this article 🙂