Win the Weight Loss Battle, One Goal at a Time

Blog / Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

You all know about SMART goals, and their purpose – specific, measurable, achievable, resourced, and timed – but what do they have to do with weight management?

SMART goals build your sense of control and help you resist the pressures of our obesogenic environment. By meeting one goal after another, you become stronger and better able to manage what you put in your mouth. Here are some goals that you can meet, each of which builds your strength and confidence:

  • Walk 10 minutes during your lunch break
  • Substitute olive oil for other cooking oils
  • Nothing with added sugar until 6pm
  • No eating in the car for a fortnight
  • No alcohol on weekdays
  • Memorize and cook a new recipe per week
  • Make a rule – no take-out on Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Keep that food diary accurately for 5 days
  • Grocery shop and cook just once this week
  • Give up pizza (or other favorite fast food) for a week
  • Get rid of all caloric drinks in the pantry
  • Eat a piece of fruit, other than a banana, every day this week
  • Commit to one water fast day per week
  • Commit to one vegetarian dinner a week
  • Brown bag your lunch for an entire week
  • Eat a bowl of homemade veggie soup before every meal