Give Yourself the Best Chance of Success with START

News & Events / Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

We all know that it’s difficult to manage weight in our obesogenic environment. Give yourself the best possible chance to succeed by using the START method.

S – set a date to begin. Choose one that will work for you. A weekend, perhaps, when you’re away from doughnuts in the office. A Sunday, when you can ask for Divine help in protecting your health. A Monday – start of the week. Whatever maximizes your chances of a good start.

T – tell your family, your friends, and possibly your coworkers that you are launching a new way of eating. Try to get social support, and at the same time, plan on how you’ll politely forestall any friendly “saboteurs” in your social circle.

A – anticipate challenges and backsliding. We all have to eat, and you’re bombarded with food messages all day long, everywhere. Figure out in advance how to minimize your exposure, and what to do if you eat something unplanned. This is perhaps the most important step in your program!

R – remove processed foods, snack foods, and any particular tempters from your environment. Clean out your pantry, your fridge, your car, and your handbag/briefcase. If you don’t have it, you won’t eat it.

T – talk to your healthcare providers about your plans. Make sure you are following a safe and effective program of eating, one that is adapted to your personal health status.

Lastly, consider a personal weight management counselor. At The Bluecoat Group, we understand your challenge, and we’re here to support you. Call today for a free consultation, with no hard sell.