Do you really value your health?

Blog / Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

We all talk a good line about the value of health, but do we really follow through?

Health does cost money: You have to spend to nourish yourself properly and maintain your environment in a clean, healthful state. None of this costs as much as being sick or even just feeling sub par. And you can control the cost with commonsense approaches.

One: avoid toxic chemicals in your environment. Clean with natural products like bleach, vinegar, salt, soda, castile soap, and diatomaceous earth. Ventilate instead of using air fresheners. Air-dry your clothing for a fresh smell, instead of using fabric softener, and reap bonus energy savings. Choose non-toxic versions of building materials, like VOC paint, wool insulation, cedar shakes.

Two: be a “locavore,” and plan your meals around inexpensive sources of macronutrients. As much as possible, eat vegetables and fruits from nearby farms. Tolerate a few imperfections in your produce, and don’t insist on “fancy” grade. Substitute home-sprouted lentils, brassicas, and peas for out-of-season salad makings. Consider more of a plant-based diet – vegetables, and legumes in particular, can supplement meat/fish/poultry, as well as providing fiber. Knowing what’s in season, and eating seasonally, saves in a major way. Try head-to-tail eating: Cheaper cuts of meat and poultry and trimmings of fish make delicious and filling stews, soups, and chowders.

One last suggestion. Consider social eating. Cook with friends and neighbors, and make eating an occasion for enjoyment and mutual support.

Yours in health,
Patricia Read-Hunter