Please make weight management easier!

Blog / Monday, December 17th, 2018

We’ve seen over and over that willpower will not produce weight control. How can I make it easier to manage my weight? OK, here are two methods supported by research:

First, create “implementation intentions.” That is, plan when, where, what, and how you will eat or not eat, possibly in the form of “if – then” statements. Second, establish good habits by developing and following regular routines (regular with regard to time, place, and method). The idea is to predetermine what you, and avoid having to make a conscious decision to do the beneficial thing.

Examples of implementation intentions:

  • I will keep (favourite low-fat protein food) in the house and if I feel hungry between meals, I will eat one ounce of it and wait 20 minutes.
  • If I see or smell something that is not on my meal plan, and am tempted to eat it, then I will get out of the house and walk for ten minutes.
  • I will walk for 30 minutes at a moderate pace immediately following my dinner (finishing dinner is the cue to go for your walk).

Examples of good routines:

  • I will set my place with an eight-ounce glass of iced water at every snack or meal (presence of the full water glass is your cue to drink more water)
  • I will put out fresh exercise clothes each evening so that I am prompted to exercise in the morning.

Try these methods and see if they don’t help you.