About Us

Patricia Read-Hunter, PhD, the founder and owner of The Bluecoat Group LLC, is a Harvard University-trained educator, certified Master Gardener, pilgrim, and world traveler (100 countries!). She is ready to help you imagine and realize a more satisfying life.

Our Scope of Practice
We work with you in a client-centered process designed to empower you to develop and achieve self-determined life goals, particularly those related related to wellness and self-actualization. Our objective is to support you in developing self-management strategies for making sustainable lifestyle and behavior changes that take you closer to the future you envision. We do not diagnose health conditions, prescribe treatment, or provide psychological therapeutic interventions: we listen, guide, question, and refer in order to help you clarify and realize your priorities.

We conduct continual research to identify, assess, and make available to you the best evidence-based strategies and resources developed by nationally recognized authorities. As your partners and facilitators, we support you in achieving objectives and behavioral change based on your long-term goals. Any wellness-related changes we may discuss must and will be checked for consistency with treatment plans prescribed by your licensed professional health care providers.