Ten Reasons to Reject Industrially Processed Foods


In most of the world, year-round fresh food is available only to the well-off. Even in the US, access to year-round fresh food is a novelty, not even a hundred years old. For most people, winter was and is a time of boring, limited choices. Even so, food had to be “processed” to last. Fermentation, drying, smoking, salting and curing were all techniques used to eke out food supplies between first frost and early spring crops.

Sunday, December 23rd, 2018

Carb Cycling: Old Wine in New Bottles


For some, carb cycling avoids the sense of deprivation and therefore helps them stick to their regime. For others, the exposure to carbs is difficult, and likely to lead to abandonment of the diet. The key is to choose unrefined carbs and avoid engineered, carbohydrate-heavy foods that trigger uncontrolled eating. Choosing low glycaemic load, high-fiber carbs is critically important. Aim for no more than 200 grams of carbs on your high-carb days.

Saturday, December 1st, 2018